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Want to rent a car? Want to rent a car with a driver in Penang? If you have been wondering why is it so hard to get a reliable, affordable and efficient car rental service in Penang, now you can stop thinking because we are here to change all of that. Try us for today, and hope we can serve you with the best service God willing!
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Rental car in Penang - It’s a must

Within ~30km distance, numbers of attraction situated in Penang covered from historical buildings, fascinating nature, local foods, eco-themepark etc. can be accessed. Hence, the hassle in planning a trip or vacation getaway in Penang to explores, discovers and indulges yourself can be minimized by travelling on your own leisure in your own rental car. Instead of using public transport, rental car offers an accessible tour with extra level of comfort. Thus in order to facilitate your travel, our company is ready to provide car rental services upon your arrival in Penang.

Why you must rent a car in Penang with us

By renting a car, one can manage their budget for the whole trip. Here, we at carrental-penang.com provide wide range type of car from compact, Sedan, MPV, Van, Luxury, SUV and Coach/Bus. Our reservation team will assist you to decide the most suitable car according to your needs and financial capablity. By calling to our hotline Number +60177667673 / +6046383591 or email us at reservation@carrental-penang.com, our friendly staff is at your service for any booking / enquiry. Fast response accompanied with warm greetings is ensured by our company.

We at carrental-penang.com do promise you, the cars that we provide are:

  • New car which is below than 5 years
  • In good and clean condition
  • Deliver in full tank fuel
  • Free delivery to Penang Airport and Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal
  • Offer RM50 coupon voucher to be redeemed for next rental
  • Accept payment in cash or either credit card
  • Friendly and disciplined crew

Car Rental Penang

We at carrental-penang.com aims to be a competitive and efficient industry player. We offer our customers with a wide selection of cars suitable for any journey, purpose, duration and budget. Let’s take a look at the cars we offer and hopefully this will get you started! When you find something…

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If you don’t feel like driving, don’t worry as we offer an affordable and reliable chauffeur service. All our chauffeurs are trained to be efficient drivers and excellent caretakers. Our chauffeurs will not only drive you to where you wish to go but they will take great care in ensuring…

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Leasing Package

LEASING CAR IN MALAYSIA Leasing car available for corporate and expatriate in Malaysia. Leasing term start from 1-3 years. New units and model. Fixed rental cost and insurance protection. Lease 4×4 models from hilux, navara, ford rangers or triton. We serve client nationwide in Malaysia. BENEFIT OF CAR LEASING SAVE…

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Van Rental

Planning to go on an exciting expedition? Or a school trip? Or need a suitable vehicle to transport people and goods on your kendur kahwin? Need a van or bus? You can count on us! We offer a couple of options suitable for your budget and objective! You can choose…

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